NBC 15 news segment Insta Pot Fiesta Chicken!

So quick so easy so good!!

1 cup Greek yogurt plain

1.5 lbs chicken breast (can be frozen)

1 pkg of natural taco seasoning (try to find one with no additives)

1 jar of salsa

Cook on low for about 6 hours in crockpot

Or 20-25 min on hi I’m instapot

Shred (I use a kitchen scissors and kind of just cut it up a bit then pull apart with fork

Video below!

Check it out ya’ll



You are worth it!

Are you ready to make a change?

Are you sick of wishing you were healthier and want to just get there?

Do you constantly start and stop diets?

I am ready to help you make a shift …. mental and physical.

STOP thinking you are not worth it

But most of all STOP thinking you will never be that…STOP thinking that health and happiness is for other people and not you.

STOP thinking it is out of reach — stop settling … YOU CAN be HAPPY and HEALTHY …

You are worth it!

Drop your email and I will reach out !

Hugs, Ad

Can us momma’s all just get along 👩👱‍♀️👵👏

❤️I am becoming a professional in a passion of mine– FINALLY!!

😎I am finally taking myself seriously…I am so excited for this new chapter and can not wait to see what the future holds.

👩‍🌾My healthy cooking started a while back when I was a salon owner for 10 years and all of a sudden I was not…I became a stay at home momma in a blink of an eye without a thought of any other option but that..

🤦‍♀️Not because I am amazing and motherly- because I could not afford 4 kids in childcare under the age of 2…

💃I then found myself in the kitchen to fill the void in my life of not being a professional anymore…

🤩I am MORE THAN A MOM and it is ok to want to be MORE THAN A MOM…i don’t feel bad that I am feeding and finding my passion while I have the time at home to do it..

😉I am so sick of people throwing stones at me telling me to enjoy these years when your kids are little…I AM FREAKING enjoying these years!! But I can also have a healthy hobby turned career (hopefully)!

👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦‍👦I am teaching my kids that momma can be other things besides momma- I stand FIRM in my decision and should not be scrutinized for it…

👯‍♀️Career moms and Stay at home moms UNITE- help each other and lift one another up….stop the comparison game and stop all the hate…

👩👵👱‍♀️WE ARE ALL JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE in life- that is it! We are all trying to be happy being moms and friends and wives and career women or sahm’s …

Just be happy for one another

hugs- ad

❤️thanks @Abbycarolinemacintosh for revamping my webiste! it is about damn time I invest in myself! WOOHOOO!

here is a sneak peek to something amazing!

New look coming soon guys!! 👇

Peanut Butter Eggs (healthier)





I love a good ole fashion Reese’s just like anyone else. (recipe below)

😞I used to be obsessed with these… I remember in years past like binging on these suckers for the entire Easter season…. I felt like shit every single binge but… I kept doing it…
🙋Now I have created a lifestyle that I never feel deprived.
👩‍🌾 I Am insanely motivated to create my old favs in a new healthier way!!! I did it with these too!! My kids and I can’t get enough of my home ade peanut butter eggs and I feel no guilt and no bloat…

So, a few things here that you likely will not have on hand…Puffed Quinoa (it is amazing as a filler being lower carb and cals and having a purpose as a filler).- But this is what happened..literally after I made this recipe they stopped selling the brand i used SO if you can find some other good quality Puffed Quinoa- please let me know otherwise I will add the link to decent puffed rice .The other is Carbquick which you can find on Amazon and is a low carb baking flour. If you don’t have this on hand you can always use Almond Flour.

The links for these are right here…



1/2 C puffed QUINOA or puffed RICE

1/2 C natural Peanut Butter (slightly melted to help stir)

1/4 C carbquick or almond flour

1 TBS truvia or sugar substitute

1/4 C shakeology (ask me how to get it-I did vanilla/chocolate mixed) or a good quality powder

Mix this all well- form into balls then press slightly to make oval eggs

line  a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay these out- I made about 14

Place in freezer until set and easy to work with

Melt a good quality DARK chocolate bar (I use Moser Roth from Aldi – or pictured is a low carb bar from Trader Joe’s) It was about 3 Moser Roth Bars OR one of the Trader Joe Bars. Melt in short increments so you don’t over heat it.

Pull the set eggs out of the freezer- You can either just dip the tops and lay out or try to dip the entire egg. Either way these are amazing and a better option for everyone!

Let set again in freezer and STORE in freezer too!

MY #fitfam ENJOY a couple of these for a GOOD QUALITY YELLOW!





Inside out mental health too❤️🙋

You are worth more and if you believe it others will too- IF YOU respect yourself and demand respect you will feel it in your soul that you are worth it- that you are worth more….

It all starts with respect and when we show our bodies respect by feeding it well with GOOD food AND GOOD thoughts that right there will be life changing! life changing ya’ll…

SO – believe it- believe in yourself, believe that you are worth the very best- because,–YOU ARE!!

This week my dear #fitfam is working on the inside too! We are in week 2 of our 3 week challenge (that I really never end anyway -lol)…AND these ladies and gents are KILLING it!!

Wanted to invite you in if you are feeling you need a change or if you are feeling stuck- I am taking appointments for consultations if you are wanting to discuss some goals and how I CAN HELP you achieve them!

hugs- ad

✨no more quick fix =no more excuses ✨

✨no more excuses – excuses will be there forever !! Just do the hard work and you will succeed✨

💋Excuses DO NOT equal SUCCESS::: HARD work and determination and discipline do-

🤔Nobody is going to hand you happiness that is on you

❤️Get up today and make a choice to be happy choose health and get tough.

😞Bad days happen but if you don’t make a choice right now to turn it around then they are gonna keep happening

💃💃What is so great about life is everyday is a fresh start. You can be and do anything you want to- the only way you will fail is if you quit

😘Hugs- Ad

Side note :: Please STOP❌ with the quick fixes you will never sustain it- do this health journey for your❤️ HEALTH and your ❤️FAMILY— ‼️no more quick fix let’s just do it the right way and learn how to love GOOD food and learn how to LOVE moving are bodies – 💓

You ready?


I will hold your hand sister ❤️❤️or brother too🙋‍♂️

Let’s set up a FaceTime chat for this week so you can learn more-

Drop me a line ASAP I am setting up my schedule for the week


Throw Backs

❤️Going through some throw backs here of a few years ago. Life was simpler. Sometimes I miss those days of not hustling to create this biz. Sometimes i miss the peace of it all. My phone never had notifications my stories never had to be full. It was just me and the kids living life and that was it. No one saw or knew what I was doing no one cared that much- maybe they still don’t- idk.


😘I had a moment this week where I wanted to quit. I literally wanted to throw in the towel. I felt like I was doing nothing and no one was listening. Like I was not helping anyone- like crickets….. I felt like- why? Why am I hustling so hard- my life is flashing before my eyes- why so much effort in this biz?……

Then an aha moment came …. when not one but two ladies I ran into this week in person told me how I had helped changes their life. How they started and continued their health journey by watching me and my page. By following some of my advice… one even said that my book, eat2LIV, is what kick started them.


🤗So- in the end I am still gonna keep hustling and still helping people – even if I don’t get the most “likes” they are still watching and following and it is STILL putting health into homes- when I leave it as just that —-just trying to get health into homes — it makes this “job” of mine a lot lighter.


🙋It’s a passion- when you find yours it’s not all roses but when you find out that you ARE helping people and not just people, families —- that is the very best feeling of all.

If this is you – DO NOT GIVE UP GIRLFRIEND- do not give up- we all have fears we all have doubts but keep searching keep hustling- keep going and you will SUCCEED…the only thing that will make you fail is if you QUIT… #yougotthis

❤️From my fam to yours – cheers, Addie

Under 7 ingredients and healthy: PIZZA Peppers 🍕🥗

You will need:

2 bags frozen riced cauliflower

1 can stewed tomatoes

3 wedges laughing cow cheese

1 jar pizza sauce (I found the great value at Walmart had least sugar)

1 large Carton cottage cheese

Mozzarella cheese

6 medium – large green or colored peppers

Sauté cauliflower with some olive oil on stove in large skillet until tender and stir in the laughing cow wedges along with pizza sauce and tomatoes . Let simmer a few minutes.

Slice peppers in half and take out seeds

Put about 1/4C of cottage cheese in pepper then add heaping scoop of cauliflower mixture and top with half slice of mozzarella cheese

Bake them at 425 for about 20-30 minutes until golden

Let cool and enjoy!

Protein and veggies all in one! #winner

If u have leftover cauliflower mixture just top with a little cheese and enjoy

My clients : 2 of these for red: blue and 2 green

Want to join my journey to joy groups? Meal plans and more just drop me a comment or email me now!