Seed Balls! Protein packed dense nutrition for the whole fam!

Seed Power Balls 

Ok, so protein balls are all the rage, I get it. My kids love them. I make them every single week. Sometimes though, I don’t want to use oats. Sometimes I like to have a night time snack that does not contain a bunch of carbohydrates. Let me confirm that I am do not live a no carbohydrate lifestyle by any means, but I am extremely picky about my carbohydrates and I am very aware of when I consume them. Carbohydrates are for energy. They are used to fill your body with energy for working muscles and provide fuel to your central nervous system. I, however am very selective and choose to get most of my carbs from starchy vegetables and on occasion from other sources like oats or quinoa. If I am going to have those types of carbohydrates, I am going to try to eat them earlier in the day. Sometimes, however, I just want a nighttime snack so these seed balls are just perfect. The kids eat them in the morning for breakfast sometimes as well.  

Before I state the recipe, I want to say this, I still eat pizza and bread and pasta BUT not all the time, not every day. A few days a week. You do not have to go cold turkey and without anything to get healthy. Just be picky and choosy and really enjoy those treats. Don’t give up foods you love- just enjoy them once in a while and when you do, please do NOT beat yourself up for it. Just enjoy it and move on from it. If you are going to eat a special dinner out or treat of some sort make it special, be selective and REALLY, REALLY enjoy it. 

Wow, that was a ramble! Now, on to the recipe… 

In a glass bowl add ¼ C honey, ½ C of peanut or almond butter and 2 TBS of hazelnut spread. You will want to melt this for a few seconds in the microwave so it is easy to stir. 

Add this to a mixture of 

½ C of Chai Seeds 

¼ C of Hemp Seeds 

¼ C of flaxseed 

1/4 C flaxseed meal 

¼ C craisens 

And yes… 1 C of oats… 

Yes, there are oats in this recipe BUT they are combined with a great source of fats and protein which is going to help your body break down the carbohydrates all the while keeping you fuller longer. 

Mix and roll these into about 20 balls. Let set in fridge or even your freezer. So tasty! 

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