Are you hanging on to those last 15 pounds?

🤔Are you hanging on to those last 15 pounds? It could just be waste in your belly!✋

👉Your gut is like a garden…when you add fake food or stress or preservatives or anything else unnatural it is bound to grow a few weeds that can cause bloat and even pain….to get rid of those weeds you need to add good bacterias, probiotics and pre, phytonutrients and natural whole foods to help get rid of the bad yuck and keep it clean.


🙀2 years ago…2, I know because my babies were turning one and my oldest boys 3. I was hanging on to those last 15 lbs from the 50 had I had gained with the second pregnancy. I knew what worked and I followed the plan losing 85 pounds the first pregnancy and 35 for this one but I wanted those last 15 pounds off and I wanted them off FASTer than how it was going. 😾I tried EVERYTHING that January-March of 2017 to rid those pounds. I did not look bad but everything in my closet was tight at the waist hips. I felt slow and bloated. I would eat really good for a few days…then breakdown and binge for an entire day… then starve myself for a day to even it out..and cry with disappointment….

👉The problem was I was getting NO WHERE. I was still hanging on to that weight and I knew in my heart what to do…

🙌🙌”STICK WITH THE PLAN I KNOW”….Why was i straying off of this plan?? I just wanted that weight gone before summer rolled in that year…..the quick fix starvation did not work— so instead this is what i did…

❤️I went back to the plan I know and LOVE and I HELD MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU ALL!! That was the winner- the game changer…❤️

If you followed me back in those days you remember I posted ✅EVERY SINGLE THING I ate for 21 days…yes EVERY morsel of food I showed you on my page….

It worked…Holding myself accountable and eating THIS VERY PLAN worked and it even got some of you on the 👏bandwagon with me!


💃By that summer I was down not 15 but almost 20 pounds and i felt and STILL feel amazing – years later…..👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦‍👦

🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️Are you hanging on to those last 15? IF so what would it feel like to be free of them by summer? 🕺🏻💃

— WE still have time–

👯‍♀️I show you EVERYTHING i am eating in my private groups because you are eating the same thing with me!! (for your body of course – so we add or minus a few things for success)

😻If you are ready to walk into that closet and have those clothes less snug and the tummy a bit tighter and hips a bit more toned– lets DO THIS!!😻

👉drop me your email and I will reach out to ya!

hugs- Ad

games: prizes and more- want to do a live chat? i can do that first!

******✅you do NOT have to settle this life with just feeling ok-YOU DO NOT have to settle with hanging on to that extra weight…YOU deserve better inside and out….*****

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