80 Day Obsession Results🙋

Day 80/80

🤷‍♀️Before you congratulate me on sticking to a program for 80 days please read through…👇

😎80 Day Obsession RESULTS ARE HERE!!

How did I do on my 80 day obsession journey?

Here it is…

1- Doing the same program every day for 80 days bores the shit out of me

2- I don’t have time for hour long workouts- let me rephrase ..I don’t want to work out for an hour every single day.

3- I can NOT eat before a morning workout

4- I refuse to get up at 3 am to eat for the morning workout

5- To the coaches and groups who did do the full 80 day.. your discipline AMAZES me and you should get a medal…. No joke – the results you all got are incredible!!!

For me though… I knew this very well going in…I told my challengers this even- I said- I likely will not be doing this every single day- I just wont- 60 minutes of working out, I just think it is not realistic, – personally. I also need spice in my workouts I need variety…one day I like trubofire the next I like a lil shaun T then I like me some running and some core de force and hip hop dancing then on to yoga some days or Pilates…..I just knew for me to do the same workout every single day for almost 3 months was NoT gonna happen….

HOWEVER- that being said- I did turn on autumn and her 80DOB at least a day or 2 a week and learned some AMAZING NEW moves to tone my abs and arms—those are the areas I need help with- I love having strong arms to carry my 4 babies and less fluff around the mid section if you know what I mean…SO I have to say her new moves for these particular body parts were AMAZING!!! I incorporated her moves- mainly her ab moves almost daily for the past 3 ish months.

Now – I did start a new Journey after the holidays- knowing fully that I OVER did it quite a bit and felt particularity bloated and not myself January 15th- when this all started….So I did start a challenge with my fit fam that week and also had another challenge in there as well plus a cleanse-

As you can see I did get results – Some great results….how?

By being realistic-to myself and my goals

By following an eating plan that works for me and my body

By using some of 80DO moves but other workouts that I LOVE DOING

By staying disciplined

By motivating others on there journey makes me stay on mine!!

So there you have it-= the #truth brought to you by ME….I would never be fake guys- I could have said these results were all from 80 day—but that would be a big fat lie- and why would I encourage you to do something that I don’t want to do.

****a LOT of coaches A LOT have had tons of success on this- I think it is a great program and would work for MANY MANY—just not for me. Love Autumn Love the idea- just not my gig.

Happy day!

💪🙋🙋‍♂️You have goals for your health and want a realistic way of getting there?? Reach out – WE WILL CONQUER THEM TOGETHER!!!


**note there is barely any pounds lost here maybe 4 or less – #ditchthescale

#reallife #realgoals #goaldigger #bettertogether

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