Reasons to wake up EARLIER than you need to !

Reasons to wake up an hour earlier than you need to.

1. You have time to yourself. Time to think and reflect.

2. You have time to plan your day- to set your intention.

3. It is so so peaceful.


5. You can plan your meals and pack your lunch

6. You can journal

7. You are not RUSHED

8. It sets the tone for the day- to be ahead of the day.

9. You can do some yoga stretches

10. You can talk yourself into having a GOOD DAY!

3 things everyone should do before you feet hit the floor….

1. Drink 8 oz of water (keep it next to your bed)

2. Say 3 things you are grateful for

3. Set your intention/prayer for the day

I hope with these tips you can get closer to your goals….dont have goals? Make some!

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