Big Mac Boats

These were 100% inspired by me wanting a BIG MAC from Mickey D’s last week -lol

That and Pinterest post helped me get this together!


In a skillet on Medium heat add a tbs or less of olive oil and sauté

1 carton of mushroom chopped

1 head of cabbage SHREDDED (or buy coleslaw )

Once these are somewhat tender add

1 lb of raw lean beef and brown right with the veggies

Now add the season

1/2 TBS Paprika

2 chopped up pickles

1/4 C mayo

1/2 C plain nonfat greek yogurt

1TBS thousand island dressing

1 tsp stevia or truvia (sugar)

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix this well and let simmer on low until ready to serve (about ten minutes)

Top a RED container of this in a couple of Romain leaves — top with 1/2 a blue container of cheese!



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