Who is BRAVER?

Can I be real here?

Of course I can. Why you ask…..


*Because- you are not looking at me

*Because I cannot see your reaction

I am not brave- I am not any braver than you are. I am just a real person- who loves to write about her life…in hopes that it makes one person feel better about theirs. Does this make sense? I am in a safe place in my home typing- I am not standing in front of a large group or in front of a small one for that matter…..the only ones judging me here are my kids- and at 3 and 1 they do not know judgment- that is why being around kids is so great.

Maybe you would or would not judge me- I have no clue….but here is the great thing- I am hiding behind my computer so I will never know.

I am not brave…I am real I am honest I am wanting you to see that most of the time we are all terrified in this big world of things…..we are….not many people can stand up in a large group and profess their truth—I mean I cant….but- right here- right now – in this world….we have this- this computer that makes me brave enough to talk to you- and tell you all how I am thinking and feeling- IT HEALS ME AND I HOPE IT HELPS YOU……

**This image I am posting for one reason only…..to show you that no one is perfect on this earth- NO ONE!! If you are looking for perfection I am not your girl….2 sets of twins in 2 years – I will never have a perfect body or perfect abs or perfect anything…I can stand tall and pose but when I bend over or sit or anything it is there- the loose the saggie…the scars of my babies being pulled out of my tummy. I would not have it any other way. These are the scars that show my truth….my truth of wanting those babies so bad it hurt- literally….I didn’t care at all what it would do to my body- 2 sets of twins…I just wanted kids in the worse way you could imagine…so these scars- they are no biggie to me- they will be with me to the end as a reminder of how strong and courageous I was at one point in time.

Don’t strive for perfection—STRIVE FOR CONTENTMENT—contentment in who you are and in what you have and in where you are in life. IF you are content….everything else will fall in place just as it should.

Please don’t think I am brave….I am no different than you. I am just a girl who wants to be heard so I can spread the love of GOD and the realness of this life.



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