Why is it that we can be totally accepted by tons and tons and tons of other people in this life but when there are a handful that you feel don’t accept you- it HURTS your HEART in more ways than you can explain?

WHY? If we are so confident in what we are doing and we know we are doing it for the good of others and the good of our GOD – than why? Why the need to feel accepted by people who just DON’T. And WHY? WHY does it hurt so bad?

I read this quote the other day- it said something like “my life is going so good, now I am suspicious.” Make sense_ like when things are going in your favor you are just WAITING on SOMETHING or SOMEONE to bring ya down. WhY? It is funny how it goes- how you feel like you are floating for a few days then all of a sudden ONE SINGLE person can just BURST your balloons that held you afloat for a few moments in time. ONE-

WHY? WHY, because – if your heart is real and your love for others is real – if you are walking this earth with GOD’s purpose- “to love one another” than that is why….because we LOVE- that is why it hurts our hearts when others don’t love back.

Don’t walk around with a broken heart because of others- I say this with truth….but don’t beat yourself up for caring a little or for caring a lot.

That makes you a kind, sensitive, caring and honest person. This is not a weakness- this is a strength in this life.

Be you – yes – be yourself and try to not let the unapproving get ya down- but if you know you’re intentions- and you know they are good- then just keep shining.

#kindessnevergoesoutofstyle #werisebyliftingothers

2 thoughts on “Acceptance”

  1. Wise words, friend! God LOVES His people more than we can imagine! Let HIS love and approval fill you because no matter what- His Love is true and without strings!

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