Tough times

Do I look tired? It’s because I am- I am fricken tired as he##. I am on day 3 of my body working the crap I put it in over the holidays out of my system. That is not why I am tired. I am tired because baby boy was up at 4 am – fine…but the past three nights Duke was up with the flu…so basically I am running on E with NO SLEEP …..before Duke had the flu the whole house was struggling with coughs and colds including myself. I can honestly say that the last FULL night sleep I had (I count full night as 5 plus hours) was for sure Christmas week – maybe. My point ….I am tired and all kinds of crap is going on in this house….sick kids…grumpy mom grumpy hubs…all of it. BUT LISTEN, when the going gets tough…THE TOUGH GET GOING. Sorry I am not going to fill you full of some bullsh*t like- put your workouts and health aside when times are tough….TIMES ARE GOING to be tough- they are…but don’t stop your health because of it…work through that sh*t. OK? Just do- just get up and do it! You wont regret it….. WE ALL HAVE excuses.. we do.. all of us.. we have excuses on why we cant workout or why we cant meal prep – we have excuses on why our life is crazy and hard and what we have been through and are going through…I know- ok – I do….but no matter what you are facing today or what you have faced in the past or what you are about to face in the future…DON’T PUT YOUR SELF ON THE BACK burner- ok.. just don’t. YOU ARE IMPORTANT… are.. so start treating yourself with as much love as you treat your kids and your spouse. OK??? Deal?

NOTE: I know that there are extremes situations that you cant meal prep and workout and take time for you- ok – I know …but if you know me you know what I am saying here….as Kit De Luca would say “take care of you.” (Anyone know that movie?)

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