I know for a fact it is not not not easy to get up today and get back on the train of health. We had some amazing meals and drinks and more with friends and family. The indulging was high and was amazing and worth it! If you are up a few pounds today don’t be hard on yourself- it happens- you just have to get up and get at it again. If we ate like that all the time it would not be an indulgence and it would NOT be a healthy lifestyle. So get up today and think health.. health is wealth in every single accept of this life. YOU CAN DO IT- it wont be perfect and it wont be easy. But small changes and small steps will lead to big changes– big POSITIVE changes. Every day gets easier- and everyday you will feel stronger and more encouraged.


My healthy meals for the week…. a quick workout for you!

Make it great guys!

Xoxo- ad

Crab salad- veggie soup- superfoods shake-deviled eggs

BE sure to make meals you like this week – so you will eat them.! I picked some of my favs to keep me on track!

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