How to get through the holidays – healthy~

This is the time of year we are meant to enjoy- and honestly we should. We all should enjoy- and if you already live by the 80/20 rule then you know what moderation is and this week you will fully enjoy without any guilt what so ever! This is the first year I can honestly say that I have not thought one minute on “blowing” my diet or overeating or thought about Jan 1 I am going to loose those pesky pounds- I have not thought about it once! Why? Because all year long I have an amazing plan that works and I live by it 80-90 percent of the time – so if I get off track this week – IT IS NO BIG DEAL. I am excited and I am thinking nothing about overeating or indulging. I am going to take it all in and be completely happy and excited about it!

On that note- a few tips for you to get through the next week of parties and food and cocktails….o my!

1.- PLEASE start your day with a workout- of some sort- TURN on your on demand if you have it (if u don’t I can hook you up today) and click on one of the amazing under 30 minute workouts and just DO IT!!

2. DRINK YOUR WATER—even if you don’t want too or even if you are not a big water drinker- now is the time! (Half your body weight in OZ) – 8 oz before and after any meal- 8 oz right upon waking~! Just do it= please!

3.TAKE a dish to pass that you know is “somewhat” healthy and that you can count on to eat a little bit of- (ex…protein balls: right here is a great recipe OR salad: veggie tray) you will indulge in other things but at least you KNOW you can count on a little bit of healthy in ya!

4. DRINK WATER between each and every cocktail- this is not only good for you in general but it helps with the “hangover” some of us might experience- even better add coconut water to your drinks- here is a recipe

5. Drink warm lemon water in the morning and evening…this will help detox you of some of the yuck that might go in to us this week and it will also help your skin glow! And more

5.BE CONSISTENT: if you are consistent with your health MOST of the time then these parties will have nothing on ya- eat healthy before and after and then indulge while at the gatherings.

6. INDULGE in things that you LOVE- not that just look “ok” really pick the treats that you love and think about all year!! For me—yummy cheesy dips—I will be making spinach dip and cant wait!!

7. If people ask- TELL THEM!! Tell them that you are working on a healthy lifestyle and they will respect it and maybe hop on board!

8. PLAN AN activity after- plan out something fun for your family and friends to do- a walk- sledding- skiing- and active game—help with the clean up- play with the kids….SOMETHING- it will make you all feel good!

9. On days of parties – and actually weekend in general I drink two of my superfoods shakes (here is my weekend survival guide – then have my splurge meal!(if you need these I can get you some asap!!- I have bulk right now!)—also I DRINK my afternoon all natural lemonade pick me up and that gives me energy I need to get through the days and also cuts my sugar cravings big time!!


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