Multitasking– anyone can do it!

Multitasking anyone?

I am a hairdresser (note the foils on my head while I am working out)… I am a fitness coach….I am a wife a mother a maid a cook a chauffeur ….I am a sister a friend a daughter…I am a lot of things- as I am sure you are too. Which means that I have a lot of things I have to do in a small amount of time- I have to use my time wisely and multitask the heck out of my hours because I only want to spend a few of these hours working on my biz and working on myself. Therefore- my workouts MUST take less than 30 minutes a day—my eating plan MUST be simple and on the go friendly and I MUST do these things for myself to feel good and to function for everything and everyone else in my life. If I don’t feel good and feel my best inside and out then nothing goes like it should here—for me or for anyone else. If I can juggle two at home business’s while staying home full time with TWO sets OF TWINS under the age of 3 and take care of 2 fur babies and have some good food on the table for the hubs ALL while taking care of ME—THEN YOU CAN TOO!! You can—I promise!

NOTE: things don’t go smoothly every day guys- they just don’t…Yesterday I had a baby with a major blow out going up his back while dinner was burning on the stove and my oldest son saying “mom – I am a big boy I can clean up poop now.!”which means someone -probs the dog- pooped on the floor….again – all while I found a live mouse staring at me in the storage room— …..ok – so all is not perfect here- but mostly we are all happy and fed and that is what counts! Lol

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