Worrying will gain you nothing!

Life is too short. Don’t take your days for granted. Hug your loved ones- you never know what could happen. You think you have it bad…someone has it worse. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Live today like it is your last……… I hear this all the time- I say it all the time!

Were people saying this back in the 80’s? Were they? Were they even thinking it? Were people going around telling other’s to learn their lessons and find their purpose and count their blessings? Were people saying #blessed? Were they? I don’t know if they were but from what I remember of the 80’s it was good. It was easy. It was living life free with no worries or cares. Was this the reality of the 80’s or was this the reality of being a child? I was a child in the 80’s and I thought those were the best years ever…..my mom even says- “best years of her life”- but now thinking of it- she was just a kid too. What was it about back then? Why was it so ….so much easier and why cant it be like that now?

I had several encounters today that were not great. Some negative that I am not used to. Maybe I am not used to it because I don’t leave the house that much-so negativity is foreign to me at this stage in my life. I have to say – in the midst of the conversation I had said to her…’why does being an adult have to be so hard?” Why does it? Why does it have to be so difficult. Why do we have to watch every single thing we say or do in fear that it might be taken the wrong way? Why? Why is it that I get stressed about family gatherings or seeing friends I have not seen in awhile? Why? Why is it that I worry about these crazy things I cant control- like did I read the calendar right for school…is it snack day….was my snack healthy enough….what am I going to take to the party as a dish to pass…..what should I wear….am I too dressed up…..what should I say…did I say the wrong thing to so and so and now they think I am a bitch….. what are other’s thinking about me…..why is their a dead silence in the room…..what if my kid acts out in church and throws a knockdown tantrum and an old guy in front gives me the look of death (note: this happened.)…….what if kevin doesn’t get home safe tonight….what if that lump on my arm is cancer…..what if my mom gets sick…..what if my kids get sick….what if I cant pay my house taxes this year….how come they gave me a weird look…why didn’t they say hi…..i mean I could go on and on…..i could….Why so much worry?

I guess it is because we are living in a world now that is different….it is different then the 1980’s. BUT that doesn’t mean its worse. It is because we are adults now- in the 80’s we were kids…most of us anyway. As we grow we have more responsibilities, more things to consider, yes this is true….but should we WORRY so much? Answer is— WORRYING WILL NOT GAIN YOU ANOTHER DAY ON THIS EARTH….WORRYING WILL NOT MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE….WORRYING WILL NOT TAKE SICKNESS AWAY….WORRYING WILL NOT PAY THE BILLS….WORRYING WILL NOT MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME……

Matthew 6 :34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

This world is not bad- it is not becoming bad and back in the day there were troubles too. You might think that there were not as many issues back than but I can assure you there were problems then too—we were just to young to remember. Now we have kids – we want them to look back at these days as “the good old days” right- because that is all they will ever know and remember from their childhood- is this—this present moment. Let’s make these years good—GOOD FOR THEM and good for you. Together we can- positive thoughts and prayers and spreading the love to all. You might not think your one kind gesture matters- but I can assure you it does. In 20 years from now – I want my kids to say to me- “Mom, remember when we were little how great it was?”….”Yes, honey—those were the best years!”

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