Take care of you MOMMA

🤔As I sit and write this I am looking at this picture. It says so much- the eyes say so much. I was SO SO happy after giving birth to this little boy (and his sis) But I KNEW I had a LONG road ahead of me—a long one…NOT just about loosing weight—Just a long road in general with being a newer mom with a second set of twins and HOW THE heck am I gonna do all of this- HOW?? I was actually quite terrified in this picture on top. Beau was in the NICU here and we were just praying he would get home soon and thrive….and boy o boy did he ever thrive! He is my biggest boy SO FAR!! I am so blessed – I am….but being a mom (staying at home at that) can be challenging. Not just to take care of the kids but to take care of MYSELF…..see, I used to put myself last…and I am sorry but that was not and does not work.. WE NEED TO PUT OURSELVES at the top of priorities mommas because without us nothing else goes! Take care of you—IT WAS THE BEST investment I have ever made. Once I started taking care of me – it had a trickle effect—to my husband and to my kids and now even to MY momma and my sisters! It has been the absolute best decision I have ever made. LET ME HELP YA get started on this journey- and stick by your side the whole way until you too will be teaching others!!

I am here- LETS GET YA signed up asap for the NEW YEAR…..what will your 2018 goals be?? Mine are to be my best self in return – I will be giving my best self to those I LOVE THE MOST!

Message me for the next 21 day challenge! WE WILL BE STARTING off with a kickstart CLEANSE !! I have a great deal for you RIGHT NOW!! You have 30 minutes a day to change your life? I KNOW YOU DO!

Reach out now so you don’t have to think about it during the holidays!! Then we will be ready to ROCK 2018!

💪if not now when?? ❤️ yourself as much as you love those around u

NOTE: top picture May of 2016– bottom pic June of 2017

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