Mozzarella Covered Chicken Breast & “rice”

Mozzarella chicken with side of “rice” and Veggies

This was surprisingly amazing–I mean I cook veggies all the time and I cook chicken breast like every week but this was one of the best!! Why–freshness-seasoning and those mushrooms! Portabellas- why don’t I buy these kind all the time

This was so so easy and quick and healthy

What you need:


One large package of FRESH chicken breast- not frozen-fresh costs more but SO much better

Package of FRESH mozzarella cheese ( it was already cut into 1 oz portions so this was perfect)


Colored peppers


Olive oil

Vegetable mix

One bag of riced cauliflower (frozen veggie section)

3 large colored peppers sliced

3 large portabellas chopped

One large onion diced

Same seasons as above

Olive oil

I took a large cookie sheet and drizzled the olive oil on – trimmed my chicken and actually i butterflied my chicken as well because they were huge!- Laid them all out on the sheet and placed a few sliced peppers a few leaves of spinach and topped with a generous precut slice of mozzarella – after all was complete I drizzled olive oil on top of them all then sprinkled all of my seasonings on. Bake in oven 350 for about ½ hour or until your liking (160 degrees is where your chicken should be cooked- if you don’t have a meat thermometer get one- best investment ever -lol like 14 bucks)

As this is baking place all of your chopped vegetables in skillet covered in olive oil and season with the same seasons you used on chicken. Sauté until tender.

Portion count:

Serve One chicken breast on a 1 green container of veggies and count as

1 RED 1 GREEN 1Blue 1tsp

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