NO MAYO deviled eggs

Mayo Free deviled eggs!

I am just not a huge fan of mayo–I have a hard time finding organic and I see most is so filled with ingredients that I am just not sure of- so I tried to make my husbands all time favorites without him noticing they were slightly “different”

12 eggs boiled, peeled and halved 

½ C of Bolthouse Farms Ranch dressing

½ C of plain Greek yogurt

2 tbs yellow mustard

2 tsp of ground mustard

Salt and pepper to taste

** scoop out yolks of eggs and place in large dish… add ALL other indgredients (leaving out egg whites) and using a mixer blend until smooth. Place this mix in a ziplock back and clip a tiny sliver off the corner of it. Push this down and use it like a frosting bag- push out mix into the egg half and serve chilled. 

Have FOUR of these babies for a red and ½ orange!! Yass!! 

Note: put these on a bed of greens for an amazing salad and no need for dressing!

DOUBLE NOTE: these are an easy, inexpensive dish to pass at holiday events!!

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