Faith-weights-&protein shakes

😥Do you ever have a workout that makes you cry? 🙋No, really, makes you start crying when you are done? I had one of those today—I am thinking on this…. why am I crying? Not because it was hard – I do hard workouts all the time! It’s this…..before this program I was an ALL OR NOTHING kind of person- like…balls to the wall or not at all- type. I would screw up my “diet” and just throw in the towel and say F#$% it I am done until next week- or until after the special event- or until after I get through this or that. I would – I would quit and start SO MANY TIMES!! It was out of control- and try this fad and that fad… carbs- sugar free—one meal a day- don’t eat after 5—no this or no that- and it DID not work! I mean maybe for a week or so maybe even a few weeks then I would lose 5 lbs only to gain it back, get discouraged and QUIT.

I have to say- the reason for my cry today was this—I have been consistent- I have been eating healthy and working out- I have maintained below my goal weight and FEEL great! I have “cheated” on my meal plan a lot- but I never beat myself up and I enjoy it and move on- THIS IS REAL FRICKEN LIFE people- no restrictions – the more I restrict the more I wanted! Take away carbs from me- I eat a bag of chips at midnight! Take away sugar – I eat a bag of peppermint patties in one sitting—This is not real life – you cant take away and expect to stay with it for the rest of your precious life.You need to be able to have a cocktail and dessert on a Tuesday night and not beat yourself up about it and say screw it until the next MONDAY. It doesn’t have to be that way for me anymore or for you! Moderation 👏It is the key to success…..SO, back to the tears I shed this morning—I just felt SO FRICKEN HAPPY with how much I have changed and grown. How much I have become healthier with the opinion of ME and my body! It is an amazing feeling—and this program and this helping others – it is SO UPLIFTING! I am not perfect- never gonna be – but as long as I am living this healthy lifestyle and sharing it with others I feel pretty damn good about myself! Tears of joy today- I guess—now that is some good stuff.
Love my new tank ❤️faith-weights-& protein shakes!!! Yassssss👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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