Berryfull Protein Bites

🍓BERRY-FULL protein bites🍓
 🍗I am constantly trying to find ways to get protein in the kiddos diet… these were an absolute hit!!!! I can not even explain the goodness in these—oats and quinoa and protein OH MY!

❤️It is hard to believe but these little bites are packed with protein and tons of flavor burst! An awesome way to get much needed protein in yours and the kids belly! ☝️NOTE: anytime you eat a carb you should have a protein along with it– it helps keep you fuller longer while helping with the digestive process too! These are a perfect combo! 🙌
1 ½ C of Quinoa – already cooked

2 C Oats

½ C Honey

½ C Natural Peanut Butter

½ C Chocolate chips

½ C Organic dried Cranberries 

1 Scoop of tropical strawberry vegan superfood protein powder ( I can help you get this!)
Mix quinoa and oats in large bowl. Place peanut butter and honey in microwave safe dish and warm until melted (not overdone – keep checking :about 1 minute or maybe a little more) pour this over the oats and quinoa mixture—add the chocolate and cranberries at this time too- mix well (hand mix) take a small scooper and scoop onto cookie sheet covered with parchment paper….stick in freezer until hard then move to Tupperware and keep in fridge or freezer until eating! 

Will hopefully make about 24
Portion system: Have 3 of these for a yellow and 2 tsp
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