Kids always r watching ya

😻I love the fact that my kiddos are jumping around right now saying “mom, mom look I am exercising!”🏃‍♀️I just think it’s the greatest feeling when you actually see that the good your doing is being seen by them and makes them want to do it too! ❤️I love it- in fact that is not just with exercise. I think sometimes we forget that our kids really do see and copy a lot of what we do! I forget myself—or I think they are not watching… but TRUST ME they are watching! 🤓ALWAYS watching and always listening and always wanting to be just like you. Show them the way…..maybe you are not the healthiest right now – maybe you don’t feel the most confident in “showing them” the way. But its not too late! You can start TODAY!! – ✔️Go out and walk…..✔️scroll back to my morning post and check out where your veggie intake should be- ✔️drink half your body weight in water in oz today……those 3 small things done everyday can lead up to something big you guys! It really can……start small—❤️Don’t think about how FAR you have to do…Just think about your 5 day goal…..for the next FIVE days❤️☝️ I will get in my water….☝️my veggies in and ☝️I will walk/run or do some sort of movement outside for at least 20 minutes…. 

🙌That is your goal—as a beginner—just FIVE days! Got it?? Get the kids in on it too! They should be eating their veggies—drinking their water and moving their little bodies every day too!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! 


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