More than

I cant wait for FRIDAY!! On Fridays we go to the park…..why? Because we can! We can because I am setting my own hours and my own times to work—I am working, yes but I am doing something that I LOVE when I decide. I can do as little or as much as I want. Obviously if I want more I have to work more and if I need to take a few weeks to breath then I just back off. I will be as successful as the time and effort I put into my business. I want to enjoy every minute with these blessings- and I do! I for sure do- but I also want something for me, myself and I. Not even just something to sell or make money on or whatever – I mean something that makes me feel GOOD- makes ME FEEL GOOD about myself. Working out and eating healthy have been important to me for a long time now- but to be able to share this with others—it is such an amazing feeling. It really is. I love it! My life is not always roses and sunshine—don’t get me wrong—I struggle just like you do but it centers me—it grounds me… to have this thing- this thing of my own. This group I am running right now is killing it! They are—the success literally had me choked up today I am just over the moon at the success—not just weight loss success.. the confidence I am seeing and the helpfulness to one another—the sense of community we are feeling. It is so hard to explain but it is literally so good. It is so good for them and SO GOOD FOR ME! It can be lonely being home with just the kids—it can…. I love it but it can get a bit lonely so to have these women to talk to every day is just SO uplifting and so encouraging and makes me feel like I belong—in a sense- like I belong in this group and belong to something outside of just the everyday cooking and cleaning routine. **** If you want to do something just for you – reach out! Hop on board with me—I will show you ALL the ropes on how to make your own success- outside the walls of home life and work life success- a little nugget of your very own—your own thing that can better you and help better others. You don’t have to be as Over the top about it as I am – but once you succeed at it you will WANT TO BE! Asking questions is completely confidential—so it does NOT hurt to ask!! #morethanamom #morethanawife #morethanagirlfriend #morethanajob #yourownbiz (o and I can teach you how to use your cute workout gear and healthy food and shakes as a write off!! SCORE!!—why would you not do it just for that???)

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