Tight shirt…….

We all have them, right? Well, most of us do I bet. Those clothes that we hold onto in the back of our closet that we dont quite fit into but we think that ONE day— ONE DAY we will be able to fit into them again…right? So, we hold on– we call them our “one day soon i will be that size again” clothes. For me, it was this shirt. You see, I bought this shirt at least 4 1/2 years ago (it may not even be in style anymore) but I bought this shirt and just loved it but it was just a little snug in the belly area and it would not flow over my hips like it was supposed to fit. I bought it anyway thinking it would be my GOAL one day to fit into it. I literally tried it on like every 6 months thinking — its a flowy shirt I can just make it work…but it just was snug and uncomfortable. So many times I was going to take it to Goodwill but I just could NOT bring myself to doing it because it still had the tags on it and it was SO cute. One day- one day. Now, I know that they say you should toss all of those clothes that make you feel not good about yourself and that you should throw out the clothes that you will NEVER fit into again. But how can you really say NEVER? I mean….you cant. You cant say never, because you Never know when a chance to make a BIG change could come along. Your chance is NOW. It is you guys…. I want to reach through this computer and shake you! That is how much I KNOW FOR A FACT this will work for you. But, you have to want it. You have to want it so bad that you can taste it. You have to WANT your clothes to not fit snug anymore you have to want that feeling of putting on anything in your closet and feeling GOOD about it– the NO STRUGGLE to get dressed in the morning feeling. Take this stress off your shoulders. You are way too smart and way too important to let these few extra pounds bog you down on a daily basis. Now, maybe this isn’t you- that is GREAT! I am so happy you have not had to struggle……but I HAVE had to struggle. I think that when you know the struggle- you know the real grit of the struggle, than you know how to help others get out of it even better. Let me help you be the best you that you can be! Stop putting those cute clothes you want to wear in the back of your closet– lets bring them out and wear them for Christmas!!!!! It can be done– we have time!

*** I have not tried this shirt on in over 6 months– kind of forgot about it actually- but today I just came across it and put it on and I cant even explain the feeling of this shirt just going on so easy and flowing right over my belly and hips just perfectly. BEST FEELING EVER!****** I will never forget the feeling of it NOT fitting and I DONT ever want to feel that again. –I WON’T.  So, if you are not ready yet, that is fine but when you are — I will be here….a week a month 6 months… I will still be here because I need this program just as much as you do!!! #werisebyliftingothers

2 thoughts on “Tight shirt…….”

  1. Hi Addie! I love this post. I started my weightless journey in my own in May and so far I am down 47.5 lbs but still got a ways to go! But like you, I have a few items in my closet that are my motivation to keep going and actually I tried 2 shirts on yesterday that I pulled from closet and 1 fit and the other is gonna fit by the end of the month! Can you send me a message or email about your program and journey? I would be interested to see if I can make it work for me.


    1. Brooke! WOW!! That is AMAING !!! Great for you!!!!! Thank you so so much for following !! Yes I will message you asap– through Facebook ok?? Thank again and keep on going sister!!! Love hearing success stories!


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