God’s Grace? Yes

I seriously wonder how I ever did this mom gig before I had this stock pile of nutrients in my life and in my body. I was tired….i was cranky…i was not fat, but a bit overweight which made me super sluggish and just plain pissed off a lot. I felt bad sometimes because I just wanted to hide out at my house a lot and not be seen or anything…I went to work one day a week and sometimes that was even a struggle. It seems like when things were stressful and not going my way I would just shut down and by shutting down I mean make the house dark and eat shit.– cookies, cakes, candy chips– you name it. I would — this is before kids too and after. I would tell myself i was tired and i deserved this shitty food and that i would “start” tomorrow with a clean slate. Ever feel this way? Now, listen I still have my days where I want to shut down– but rare. I feel so so much more energy and confidence now! I want to be around people– I love talking to people and hearing their story. I love involving people and making connections. I love to SHARE — you all know this by now– I love to share the great things I come across and learn about. There is this new life- or spark -if you will… It has a LOT to do with these products and this eating plan and workout routine– but I know for sure it has to do with the man upstairs.. I prayed— I prayed a lot on this….Lord, i just want to feel good and happy and myself….I just want to be a good mom and a good wife…..but I guess i always prayed that – when I started praying to him about my messed up eating habits— HE ANSWERED. Really…. I never wanted to pray about eating habits because …for real. … I thought when I failed at it then i would lose faith in him. Does this make sense?? I thought that if I prayed to fix my unhealthy relationship with food and he didnt help me I thought I would not believe in him anymore so i just didnt even want to test it– or him…….but then desperation came and I finally broke down and did…I even bought a book “prayers for the dieters soul” or something like that. And you guys– when I started praying for BIG things — big things HAPPENED. Don’t be afraid…..you might be at your witts end so really what do you have to lose? Just try it. I know this was all brought to me for a reason and I am gonna keep on sharing it. It is not all about diet…..fitness…. how we look….NOT AT ALL! It is about how we are with our family and our friends…..its about how we feel INSIDE— how we feel inside reflects SO SO much on the outside you guys. It really, really does. Whatcha waiting for?? No, really what the heck are you waiting for— you can make a change right NOW. ******note – this is kind of funny because this write up was supposed to be one sentence long…how do i get through a long day of canning and running and kids and teaching yoga tonight, yet?? That was all I was going to say and show you this picture…but then here i go again…rambling!!– if you made it this far THANK YOU FOR READING

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