Old school!

Did you know that our ancestors did not eat every two hours? Did you know that they did not eat low carb, low fat low this and low that diets? No, they didn’t and can you look back at pictures from the old days and see how most of them are not overweight- in fact this was not a problem really at all. They worked hard and they ate when they were hungry. They actually practiced intermittent fasting before any of us even knew or heard about it. Here is the thing you guys- eating Paleo, Keto, Atkins, low fat, whole 30 this that and the other, thats all fine and great but that does not work for everyone. As it may work for some- it doesnt work for all. We are all different and unique – we all have different genes, metabolism and lifestyles. We have to customize our eating to what works for US!! No pills, no wraps- no restrictions you guys.Just REAL food when we are hungry. It is true in my groups that I try to tell them to eat every couple hours but that is only because that is what most are used to and I dont want them to be starving all day long and then just quit– i want them to take babysteps into a new lifestyle change. Not cut things out and cut things off cold turkey- that is not healthy for anyone. We need to be feeling HUNGER and we need to be eating REAL food and be ACTIVE……..period the end. We need to understand portion control and how much of what we should eat daily to give us the most energy– ALL kinds of foods– fruits veggies carbs meat fats all of it— not just this or that….not low fat or fat free….no fake sugars and fake anything you guys!!! Let’s take it back to the old days where we ate when we were hungry – ate real food- and didn’t diet. I want to talk to you so much more about all of this– if you want to know more- please ask…..it might be more affordable than you think— I do the Shakes for an easy, natural WHOLE food that I can get in my body full of all the vitamins and minerals I need — because its easy and because it is real— you dont want to have the nutrients of a salad in a desert– fine…there are other things you can do to be a part of this motivational club– JUST ASK!

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