Everyday I’m hustlin



All I want to say is this….

If you are a goal setter or an Entrepreneur, or you want more out of something, your job, your life– whatever- you have a goal on your heart. I want to say…go for it! Go for your dream no matter what people say, no matter who brings you down or who might think you are crazy- just keep going, ok? Keep going, because without a dream and without a goal, you have nothing. You have to start from somewhere. I just really encourage you today to remember that what other people think about you is none of your business. I want you to have a heart of a queen  and a mind of a hustler. Get out there. Put yourself out there- and dont worry about anything else.  Just worry about yourself and that goal. You know, you know what you want- and you know if you want it bad enough. Work hard for it. Don’t let others judge you- dont let others bring ya down. People are gonna say things and they dont even know that it is hurting you- what they say- they really dont even know. They might think your “little dream” your “little goal” it might just be this little, fun little thing you are doing. They dont realize that this is your heart and this is something you are passionate about. So, just keep doing it- and one day those people will realize -ok- that this is something that you were really meant to do. So, if you are an entrepreneur or you want to start a small business- or heck, if you want to run a marathon- I really strongly recommend that you find someone else that has those same goals and you encourage eachother. You can feed off of one another. Have a partner in this goal. That is just my tip for you today.  I just know that there are so many of you out there that want more- and have these things on your heart and in your mind…. just go for it! Just try it and if you fail- ok you tried, but what if you dont fail?! What if you succeed??!!



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