ANXIETY! Does anyone have it?? Do you know that more people than you even have any idea have anxiety. Do you know when people seem stand offish or snotty or rude it almost 99% of the time has nothing to do with you it has to do with their anxiety. I know I had it BAD to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. I was constantly wondering whatothers were thinking and did I say something to make them mad do they not like how I styled their hair are they not getting anything out of this workout or how about anxiety about your kids or your spouse or what others are saying about you behind your back??? Does this sound familiar? It’s an aweful way to live you guys …. aweful…… now i am not saying weight loss takes away anxiety… it doesn’t. but you know what does wipe it out completely…. feeling good inside!!!!! That’s it … that is the ticket..it is such a freeing way to live!… u feel good about yourself and your choices and habits in your life and you will not be worried one bit about what others think. You will confidently do your thing without others opinion. You guys we absolutley have to stop placing OUR value on others. Our value is on us…. YOU ARE VALUABLE not by what job you have or clothes you wear or not by what car you drive …. you are valuable all on your own. Invest in you and feel good about you because that is the most important when you feel good about your self on the inside all things will fall into place. I guarantee it!!! 

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