Working momma!– thank u


Addie, How do you stay healthy workout and make good choices being a working mother/father??

Thanks for any advice- Karen from Stoughton
ok thanks Karen for the answer…

I have no Fricken clue how you guys do it!! You working parents are my heros!! I don’t usually work out of the home or if i do leave kevin is home and i am not gone for that long. Yesterday I got a taste of what you guys dealing with being in a career and being a parent and a spouse. I left the house yesterday at 9:30 am and went to work and did not get home until 9:30pm. I am exhausted– I was exhausted last night when I got home and was not able to eat dinner yet– yes I had my two shakes that day and that held me over great and gave me the energy to get through my day but I tell ya when I got home I literally wanted to grab a bag of chips and lay in bed and watch Bravo. I can see now how you are too tired, too busy I get it now– holy cow do i get it….your boss, children and husband/wife should give you a metal and THANK YOU every single day for what you all do! It is crazy…… I couldn’t do it– I couldn’t. I believe God gives you only what you can handle and I know he knew I would not be able to handle being a working mother- nope……..Today I feel as though someone beat the crap out of me- I tried to workout this morning and I had NO energy what so ever. I am still wanting to grab comfort food on this rainy day and watch movies with the kids all day and just veg out on the couch– its 8:30 am and I feel like its 8:30 pm. I am just off today– off…..the moral of this story is A.) you working parents , like I said before are AMAZING… and B.) Life is gonna throw us these days, these crazy crazy days that we just dont want too– we dont want to work, workout, eat healthy, be and adult…. and thats is ok– embrace those days… life is too short to be pissed off at these days you are just not feeling it- just take it all in and just be. Tomorrow is a new day!! It’s a Wedsnday today and I so badly want it to be a Saturday because that is my “cheat meal” day– but its not and if I really want that cheat meal today I am gonna have it– but. I will tell you this– before I make a bad choice I am going to get in my shakes and all my veggies FIRST– then I will reevaluate the situation…..

I did not grab a bag of chips last night and lay in bed watching Bravo– I had a bowl of veggie soup– 2 egg muffins and a salad.. i had a little halo top ice cream while doing some reading… I am proud that I did not give in to the temptations because today I do feel good about that at least…. My old self would have given in– I would have and i would have got up today feeling so much regret and bloated and miserable and tired that I would have threw in the towel for the week and started again on Monday! But not now– No- I know how my old ways work and how I felt and how things NEVER changed…nothing is going to change for the better unless you make a change. So you have a cheat meal– heck a cheat day….get up the NEXT DAY THE NEXT MEAL and start fresh– dont wait till Monday dont wait till vacation is over dont wait until summer is done— DO IT NOW!!

I can help 🙂

Happy day friends!! 

#werisebyliftingothers #kindnessnevergoesoutofstyle

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