#tmiWow! Another year– it is crazy how the years go so so fast! 36 years old—-36…. I am sitting here thinking about the past 6 birthdays for me- what I was doing, where we were at in our lives. Since turning the big 3-0 what has all happened?!! I remember each birthday like they were yesterday, how I was thinking and how I was feeling.

30th Birthday- Went do dinner with some friends, woke up hungover and not pregnant

31st Birthday- Camping with family and got completely drunk and said horrible things to people woke up hungover throwing up all day– still not pregnant

32nd Birthday- Went camping just me and Kevin did a beer crawl on the golf cart– totally drunk woke up in the camper – no idea how we got there- hungover –decided I am SICK OF THIS- called my cousin Amanda she said its time …you can spend 20,000 dollars on a new vehicle or 20,000 dollars on something you want more than anything in the world. I will never forget that conversation that day with her– it changed my life!!! – still not pregnant

33rd Birthday- Woke up with two new babies that were about two months old– feeling amazing and so grateful and happy to be there momma! (What a difference a year can make)

34th Birthday- Woke up feeling so very blessed and aging didn’t bother me one bit as I was so happy at where my life had lead me

35th Birthday- Woke up with 2- 2 year olds and 2- 7 week old babies. Life was complete! Life was good. And busy at that!

36th Birthday- Woke up today feeling like I was so excited to get out of bed- I don’t care how old I am- I feel better now than I ever have ! I feel better at 36 than 26!! This is good– this is so so good- this life- my hubs is home my 2- 3 year olds are singing to me and my 2- 1year olds well they are just not crying at the moment so its a win win right now 🙂

My life– the past 6 years– I have been through some crap and I was very unhappy in those early 30’s to make me act the way that I did. When you are not at good place in your life it shows and when you are at a GREAT place in your life it shows too!



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