How to afford a Healthy Lifestyle on a budget!

People ask me all the time “How do you guys get by?”Four kids, two dogs and I am essentially a stay at home mom. I can see why people ask and wonder. So, basically I was not always this frugal, I guess you could call it. When I was working full time I made quite a good living but I also SPENT a lot of money! So when we became pregnant with twins and made the decision that I would be a SAHM we had to CUT out a ton of unneccesary spending. What did we do? Sold our brand new home- sold our two brand new vehicles- sold our camper. All of this added up to be a substantial savings. Now people ask me how do you afford to live a healthy lifestyle on one income? 

*We drive old paid off vehicles- Kevin drives a 96 Malibu and i have a 2010 sienna that is dented in the side and has 100000 miles on it.

*I take hand me downs- not just for my kids for myself- my financially fortunate cousins give me bags and bags of clothes and I feel so excited I tell them its like i won the lottery when they clean out there closets!

* Most of my kids “new” clothing and shoes are from walmart

* I do 95 percent of my grocery shopping at ALDI! Including diapers. honestly there produce is SO much better than other big name stores

* We NEVER eat out unless special occasion – like Saturday’s maybe a Culver’s or Pizza Hut meal and it is a major deal to the kids when we do!

* My washer and dryer recently broke I now have a dryer from my aunts old farmhouse that is like 30 years old and works like a dream!! (Thanks Kay)

* if we cant pay for it in cash – we don’t buy it

* we have a garden and I can and freeze for winter months

See, I make cuts where i feel we can but I will absolutely NOT make cuts on what goes INSIDE mine and my families bodies- I save on these other areas so I can spend a little more on our health, fitness and well being.

Hope this is helpful to you!!

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